Heat & Mirage Mitigation System

*To prevent the HMMS from sliding forward during rapid-fire, simply tighten the shock cord & tie a new knot. While the inner HMMS core is virtually indestructible, the outer nylon cover is a consumable part and It WILL deteriorate under heavy use. Replacement can be purchased separately from the previous page. 

Features and uses: 
Minimizes contact burns in urban and vehicle operations
Fire Retardant thread 
MSDS Compliant 
Reduces mirage & dissipates heat 

Available Lengths:
Micro - 2.75" (KAC 556QDC/CQB, Delta P Brevis)
Mini – 5” (Surefire Mini, AAC Mini-4)
SOCOM – 6” (KAC QDSS-NT4, GemTech Halo)
Middy – 7.5” (SilencerCo Osprey, AAC 762-SDN-6)
DMR – 9” (Surefire FA762K)

Available Colors:
Coyote Brown
Multicam Black
Kryptek Typhon
Kryptek Highlander

Warning: This product is not intended to be used as a safety device. The firearm will operate with this product installed. Product may reduce contact burns and protect against some light cosmetic damage, but will not protect against heavy damage and/or heat generated by prolonged firearm usage. Always allow time for the product and the covered area to cool before coming into contact with either.


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